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We've adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic:

COVID-19 is here an we've had to change the way we do things so we can continue to offer our pizza to you throughout this pandemic. ​​

Opening Hours

Our opening hours have been reduced to a few hours each evening. Currently 4pm to 9pm in all locations.

Cork City Temporary Service Hatch

Temporary Service Hatch

We have fitted each location with temporary service counters, close to the main entrance. This restricts access and ensures safety for staff and customers. We will allow one customer at a time to enter to collect their order.

No Seating

We have closed all seating areas in all locations in line with HSE guidelines and we are now providing takeaway and delivery only.

Online Ordering

We are no longer accepting cash payments for any orders and would encourage all customers to order and prepay online. This ensures delivery or collection will be as contactless as possible.

Reduced Pricing

We have reduced our online prices to encourage online ordering. This is the safest and most contact free way to order and pay.


All outlets have been fitted with hand sanitiser dispensers for customers. We have stepped up our HACCP and hygiene systems in each location and provided PPE for staff. We have consulted with HSE and EHO departments on all operations and have fulfilled all guidelines.

Not Slicing Pizza

We will no longer be slicing pizzas. We will not be handling any food in any way after cooking, including toppings placed on pizzas after cooking (eg: rocket). Your pizza will go from the oven to the box.

Please stay safe and STAY HOME.

We'll get through this together by staying apart.

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