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Our Story

We're not just making pizza - We're making pizza better!

At Oak Fire Pizza, we never stop working as a team to improve our recipes, methods and suppliers. We love local and always work with local suppliers whenever and wherever we can.

First launched as 'The Oak Fire Italian Pizzeria' in Skibbereen in 2010 by founder and managing director Andrew Loane, a move in 2015 to Clonakilty and teaming up with co-owner Tayfur Turkan saw a rebrand to 'Oak Fire Pizza'.


Now with a team of over 70 people across 7 locations, Oak Fire Pizza has become a favourite of the people of Cork who have voted us as winner CBA Cork's Best Restaraunt 2022 and Cork's Best Pizza 2022 and 2023.


We are always looking for new opportunities. If you would like to discuss working with us, Contact Us for a chat.


Our Ovens


We are staying true to the traditional methods of pizza making, which date back over a millennium. The first pizzas were created by spreading tomatoes on flatbread and baking in a hot wood fired oven. That's exactly how we do it today in our 2 tonne wood fired ovens which come from the Modena region of Italy.

These ovens reach such high temperatures, that the pizza will cook in under 90 seconds.

Our pizza dough

"It's all about the base!"

Our dough is the product of nearly 15 years of trailing, sampling, learning and tweaking a very simple blend of Italian flour, fresh bakers yeast, filtered water and sea salt. We bulk prove our mix for 3 days, and then a further 24 hours after balling.
The long proof time results in a lighter crust with a more developed sourdough like flavour, more easily digestable, and soft with a light chew, and a crisper outer crust.

dough (2).jpg


We are pizza perfectionists and we believe there is nothing better than the best ingredients used in the simplest way. There's no secret recipe, just ridiculously high standards, a load of passion, and the best team of people in the business.

The sweetness of the fresh tomato and herb sauce, the crunch and light charred flavour of the crust, the creaminess and saltiness of the fresh fior di latte mozzarella, and the right balance of fresh, local toppings - Our pizza heaven!

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