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Meet the team...



Our vision:

Elevating the pizza experience in Ireland, Oak Fire Pizza aspires to be the nation's standard-bearer for quality as we grow across the country.

Our mission:

At Oak Fire Pizza, we are passionately committed to redefining the pizza experience. We go beyond the commonplace claim of 'fresh'—we embody it. With unwavering dedication, we source only the finest, local ingredients to craft premium wood-fired pizzas. Whether you choose to dine in, take out, or have it delivered, every bite is an assurance of true, unadulterated freshness. Our mission is to not only set a new standard for pizza enjoyment in Cork, but to share this commitment to genuine freshness with pizza lovers nationwide.

Our values:

Customer-Centric Experience:

We put our customers first, striving to exceed their expectations with exceptional service, whether dining in, taking out, or enjoying delivery.



We are committed to genuine flavors and honest ingredients, ensuring every pizza reflects our dedication to authenticity.


Local Excellence:

We prioritize sourcing from local suppliers and producers, supporting the community and ensuring the freshest, highest quality ingredients.


Continuous Improvement:

We embrace creativity and seek new ways to elevate the pizza experience, pushing boundaries while staying true to our roots.


Sustainability and Responsibility:

We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint and contributing positively to our communities.

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